Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another concept map... on New Media

“All existing media are translated into numerical data accessible for the computer. The result: graphics, moving images, sounds, shapes, spaces, and texts become computable, that is, simply sets of computer data. In short, media becomes new media” (Manovich, 2001, p.25).
I agree with Manovich when he says that this has changed the character of media and computer. Whereas media were the still pictures, the roll that showed a picture on the white screen, now it is a representation of powerful ideas, and whereas the computer was just a processing machine, not it is a synthesizing tool through which those powerful ideas get flesh and bones. The computer is getting smarter and smarter in terms of what tasks we can perform with it. Animations can give as fictional or as realistic feeling as one wishes and music can be remixed in every possible way. Youth, adults, and even kids can be programmers of the computers and create complex designs that would not be possible without the interaction with a computer (e.g. Scratch).

I found the Principles to be very informative; indeed Numerical representation, Modularity, Automation, Variability, and Cultural transcoding are characteristics of new media. Everything is digitized and can be represented with an algorithm, they consist of multiple elements, such as sound, images, movement, etc., and can be connected with each other in multiple levels and one can create multiple versions of a product representing the meaning coherently.

I think that what’s new about new media is the kinds of affordances that one can exploit and also the levels of creativity one can express. This novelty started creating a new, pop-culture that is growing very fast. My concept map started becoming complicated, with all the connections I am adding to it. Below is my concept map. Click on it to navigate to the actual website:

(http://www.mywebspiration.com/view/757319a34fa4 )

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